June 9th, 2008

Yo Maniacal Tang

Suddenly, Unsolicited Validation!

So shortly after my last post I was pinged, seemingly at random, by someone via Yahell. I didn't recognize the sender, and the profile wasn't familiar (though my first thought was "hmm, kinda cute!" -- what can I say, it's just how my mind works), so I put it on "hold" (I didn't delete or block it out of hand, but left it to one side until I could come up with a witty rejoinder or something).

Later that night I got an e-mail with details -- apparently someone familiar with certain players wanted to give me some info they thought I would find useful. Why yes, I AM being deliberately vague -- note I haven't even alleged a pronoun either way (one of the handy parts about being bi in this case).

Of course, what made it especially interesting is that it's someone who is NOT on my friend's list, which (once again) backs up my web site log file which shows a LOT of page views on this journal unrelated to LJ, plus my little "web hit location" image I have on my info page. The most conservative estimate for my "readership" is around 500, and it could be as much as 1000 people a week.

Considering I no longer have the draw of the Rotunda Artworks store and I don't advertise, that's a pretty wild thought. Of course, I already new my "Fat Positions" piece is still getting about that many readers a week as well, so possibly I'm getting spill-over from that ancient bit of writing.

As to the anonymous (at least to y'all) poster -- I'm afraid of saying anything at all about the contents of that message for fear of getting them into hot water. However, I wanted to thank them as publically as possible, especially since I know they're reading this, for the info. No, I hadn't known that previously. And if you ping me again on Yahell, I promise to respond this time.
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