June 10th, 2008

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Three Times the Charm?*

Okay, this can't possibly be a coincidence any more.

The first warm weekend of the year I noticed that my breathing improved dramatically -- as in, I went from feeling like I couldn't take a deep enough breath and felt like my sinuses were packed with spooge, to feeling like I was twenty pounds lighter and could breath in FOREVER. The weather quickly turned cooler, and I began to have issues again.

Yesterday we finally began to warm up after a few weeks of unseasonably cool weather, and this morning... you guessed it.

Apparently I'm allergic to something that either dies when the temps rise to around 75 degrees, or the "off-shore flow" that tends to warm things up around the bay area isn't picking up the same crap coming over the central valley and East Bay hills as it does coming over the bay by way of the peninsula. My gut is leaning toward the former.

Of course, the real question is: What the hell IS it? Mold? Some plant that shuts down the pollen factory when it's dry and warm?

Ah well -- I'm going to enjoy having echo chambers instead of over-stuffed trunks for sinuses.

* Which refers to my third post in a month (so far) -- maybe I'm getting back into the swing of posting? Who knows. I do wonder how cool it would be if the new iPhone came had an LJ client that automatically pegged your exact location as a latitude/longitude link to Google maps when you posted from random locations, and allowed you to insert a photo taken automatically upon submission. How cool would THAT be?

Gah... I'm SUCH a geek.
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They're Chicks with Schticks!!

Well, don't drop into a dead away faint at the SECOND post in a single day, but I just HAD to burble about this news.

penguin_goddess pinged me last night with the bizarrely cool news that she saw this commercial for "America's Got Talent". Normally I would barely notice such things, as it's basically where all of the old Ed Sullivan shows other than the one's with the Beatles, Stones, Elvis and the Doors went to die. However, the stars of this 30 second spot (they receive a standing ovation!) is none other than the Kinsey Sicks.

Yes, THAT Kinsey Sicks.

Even scarier is the fact that, as I viewed it, I had the same reaction as Kim -- "Holy Shit, is that CHRIS?!"

Last year Chris Tilley (Trampolina's alter ego) left last year to try his considerable chops on Broadway (and was replaced by Charles Romaine -- a bit jarring for those of use following the group for the better part of a decade). We went to the farewell performance in SF, and caught his one man show before he left us for "the lights of". Yet, not only is he featured in the commercial (twice!), you can HEAR him.

Unless, of course, Charles has dramatically improved his depiction of Trampy. That, and underwent massive reconstructive surgery.

I'm SO freaking psyched -- even better, the show is next Tuesday, June 17 -- the day that same-sex marriage licenses are to be granted in California since the state supreme court set the homosexuals free. Then there's the documentary about their stint in Vegas (so much for staying there!) that's being premiered June 28th during pride weekend.

And here I am, possessing tickets for their show at the Herbst on July 11th! Man, if Chris shows up there, it's going to be a ZOO -- and not because of Rachel this time!
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