June 11th, 2008

Ogre Barf

A Sad Day For an Apple and iPhone Booster...

This is a very, very hard post to write. It's also so long, that I've opted to place two of the longer bits behind cuts for those of you who would like to cut (no pun intended) to the chase.

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This is NOT the resume of an "Apple Hater": Those odd people who do their best to find the worst in every Apple story. However, as I've often told people, I don't "drink the kool-aid" when it comes to Apple. I will, when appropriate, make it absolutely clear when they screw up.

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In the words of the great comedian Bill Cosby, I told you all of that so I could tell you this:

Do NOT Buy The New iPhone 3G

I put it on a line, by itself, in the middle of the page, underlines, in bold (thanks, Arlo!) so there could be no mistake. No possible mis-reading. No juxtapositional irony. This isn't the devil's advocacy, it's my simple, clear message to you, despite overwhelming odds, to communicate that Apple's kool-aid is poisoned.

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So, there you have it -- for the very first time, a non-recommendation for a new Apple product. Just since I've started writing this post this morning, I've managed to dissuade three people from purchasing or upgrading to this iPhone model. While I freely admit this to be a quixotic task on a par with sticking my finger in a leaky New Orleans levee during Katrina, at the very least my conscience will be clear.

I expected AT&T to screw me, so their rape is not surprising. Apple, you've done nothing less than broken my heart with yours. Please, prove me wrong.

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Yo Maniacal Tang

And Then Yo Get's Noticed...*

Well, one of my fave news aggregation sites for all things Mac related is MacSurfer. And this afternoon, what do my wondering eyes behold?

MacSurfer Mention!
I'm actually fairly impressed the fine people at MacSurfer noticed. Of course, now I'll finally get to feel like John Dvorak after one of his completely bizarre complaints about Apple.

Pray for me.

* ...Again.
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