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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
1:47p - Shakes Head at Silly People
 So maybe you've heard about this, maybe not:

The idea is ordinary citizens can suggest ideas, and other ordinary citizens can vote yay or nay on them, with a live update of the tally. It's pretty slick, and the only requirement is an e-mail address they can confirm (the usual "click this link" stuff).

Apparently the "legalize marijuana" topic is a repeat top vote getter. Single Payer Health Care, the one option that insurers are desperate to prevent, is another.

But the reason I would like y'all to go over there is to put to rest the freeper campaign demanding that Obama show his "long form" birth certificate, cause he's really an usurper from KENYA, you betcha! Also.

Fortunately the "SHOW US THE DOCS!" crowd don't understand that the site policy states that duplicative posts are to be avoided -- in other words, there should be one item that says "prove you're really a US citizen, cause, like, we're still sore losers who don't want to think too hard about McCain being born in Panama, but at least he was WHITE!" a good 8 months after they lost. Of course, when the moderators started to enforce the site policy the cries of "oppression!" and "tyranny!" was heard throughout the land.

I would love to see all the remaining "long form" birth certificate (you know, the one they would claim as a forgery even if it was plastered in full page ads in every publication in America) go to negative digits -- I only went back about 10 pages myself. While you're at it, don't neglect the other items you deem worthy of giving a thumbs up or down to.

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