July 17th, 2017

Yo Maniacal Tang

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  • Mon, 11:08: So apparently the difference between myself and the #MRAssholes bitching about The Doctor being a woman; I chortled with GLEE at the reveal.
  • Mon, 11:12: Really, Feinstein won't support single payer? Not on board with medical.recreational pot? BUH-bye... let's… https://t.co/JWEN9kIcYZ
  • Mon, 11:23: Does every "man" who freaks right out at the idea of a "traditionally male" character getting a vagina think their… https://t.co/vszKd0QMOJ
  • Mon, 11:25: Next think you know they'll want the right to vote, to their bodies, and to CHOOSE stuff. Like not have sex with… https://t.co/UWErjivy6V