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Ego Surfing Re-visted

I rarely do memes, as a rule. But after I saw kshandra's version of this one, I figured I'd give it a try.

Type "[your name] needs" (in quotes) into Google and post the first ten (distinct) results.

My first attempt, "Yohannon needs", produced no results (sniff). I almost didn't bother doing the obvious alternative, "John needs", but I needed to take a break, so what the hey, right?
  1. John needs a good home.

  2. John Needs Your Bone Marrow!

  3. When spoken to, John needs a few seconds to gather his response and sometimes a prompt to let him know you are waiting for his response.

  4. John needs a way to assign an item's UUID to an attribute (as opposed to assigning a reference), so I added a new form of attribute-assignment to parcel.xml.

  5. Therefore, John's needs are the most demanding regardless of what size mountain the other people will ultimately climb.

  6. John needs our help.

  7. John needs to focus more on keeping on task and ensuring he completes his work.

  8. John needs something that is admirable, but rare and hard to find, namely wisdom.

  9. John needs to find out which Special is killing the others.

  10. John needs to work to create a healthy place for romance.

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