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Stubborness as a Method of Prolonging Life


This morning at about 2 AM I started to develop this nasty cramp in my side. At first I thought it was one of those minor, albeit annoying, gas pockets you can get after eating way too much too late at night.

By 4 AM I was starting to get the idea that this was more than mere gas. However, because of holidays in Canada and the UK, I knew we were going to be short doing the support thing. I wasn't going to call in sick because of some stomach discomfort. I took some Naproxim Sodium and managed to get a few hours of actual sleep.

Guess what just wore off?

I'm sitting here FREEZING. I know it's me, and not my actual environment -- but my hands and, most notably, my feet are cold. You know, the feet that I wear sandals with year round, sans socks? Chills, I feel kinda woozy, and that damn stitch hurts every time I cough.

Oh, didn't I mention the coughing?

At least I have plenty of sick time if it comes to that. I've worked through lunch in hopes of getting home and scarfing some hot soup, aspirin, and hide beneath the covers in hopes that I'll burn through this in my usual record time.

Just in case: If brain dead or otherwise incapacitated, pull the damn plug.

What is it about the flu that makes people think they're going to die, anyway? Having been seriously ill (I think I've mentioned the joys of hepatitis A here, but if I haven't prod me and I'll tell the whole sorry tale -- including how Kaiser almost killed me. Twice), I know the difference, and it STILL feels... well, permanent.

There's also the possibility that this is food poisoning, but considering how thoroughly I cooked everything I ate during my weekend camp-out with lindygale and company, I doubt it.

Damn it, I just thought of every god damned news story that had the phrase "flu like symptoms" as a preface to dying of some other freaking thing. I'm not a hypochondriac... but you have to wonder how many of those poor bastards thought exactly the same thing. Jim Henson thought he had the flu. Hell, wasn't there a story recently where a high profile brain aneurysm victim complained of "flu like symptoms"? Sure, I want to assume flu unless otherwise proven... as long as the "otherwise proven" isn't the result of a post mortem.

Ok, so maybe that's why people who have the flu think they are going to die. I ain't gonna kick it myself, if only to piss off everyone who expected me to keel over long before now.
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