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I'm Not Dead Yet!

It's amazing what 12 hours of sleep can do for a sick boy.

So when Roni came home last night to Yo shivering beneath the covers, she knew something was up. FOr one thing, she had come home early to make meatloaf, which made me cry... I love her meatloaf, and I also knew there was no WAY I was going to consume any that night. She's promised to make it tonight if I was feeling better.

What a fine motivator!

She got me some chicken soap and crackers, and a little raspberry sorbet for dessert if I was up for it. I managed to watch just under an hour of Television with her, bundled up from head to toe. penguin_goddess will be happy to learn that the comforter she crocheted for me was put to good use.

I then slept for about 12 hours, interspersed with lots of ginger ale. Another sure sign that I'm really sick is that weird craving for ginger ale. Canada Dry, which Roni got without asking.

She picked up a new thermometer -- her old ones have all been AWOL since the move last year. I clocked in at about 99.8 when she checked, but she insists that I felt warmer than that when I got home. I probably did... I could feel the fever start to break while she was off getting sick supplies.

I felt a WHOLE lot better this morning. And no, this wasn't a case of "he gets a little better, does too much and relapses", dragonwitchling. That only happened that one time. So there.

I can't say enough nice things about all the notes I got. I know I sounded a bit... well, macabre yesterday. Chalk it up to trying to have a sense of humor about being sick WHILE being sick.

Anyway, just wanted to toss this out there before anyone worried too much. Again, thank you all.
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