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"What Not to Wear" for Robots?

[I was feeling too crappy yesterday to rant -- ANOTHER bad sign, I know -- so I throw this out there today.]

This has got to be the stupidist looking robot I have ever seen. I mean, it looks like a science project for junior high -- "ROBOTS of the FUTURE!". It literally looks like someone went to the local Spirit halloween shop and picked out a cheap plastic "Boba Fett" knock-off helmet and stuck it on top of a spare flight suit stuffed with inflated plastic garbage bags.

No wonder DARPA is forced to hold contests to get some working autonomous vehicles. Think about it -- if ANYONE should have the brain power on tap to create a robotoic vehicle capable of handling the occasional wash and gully, it SHOULD be NASA.

Hell, I saw better robots being tinkered with while I was there last year doing desktop upgrades. Of course, they didn't have heads, per se...
Tags: geek, rant
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