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More Creative Editing As Art

Ganked from lunar_phoenix:

Oh no, this is too fucking WRONG!

After my earlier posting involving cleverly tweaked original series Star Trek video, it just seemed a theme.

While you're in a clicking mood, check out this post by kshandra, in which she turns a campaign by Reverence Wildmon (yeah, him... again) on it's ear. Be sure to check out her e-mail, which is perfectly written.

Also, there's this intriguing story about Maine withdrawing from federally funded abstinence-only programs. I should have known California was one of the three states refusing the funding as well. Let's hope it's a trend!

And finally there's elfs well written (as usual!) piece equating the bizarre stance of the right-wing "Family Research Council" against the new HPV vaccine with so-called Honor Killings.. Damn, I wish *I* had written that.
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