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Weekend Update, Sans The Funny

Thursday Roni and I went to Harbin for a "24 Hour Vacation". I got to use one of my "Mo Days" (the name given for the once a month personal day we all get here), though Roni had to commit the heinous sin of "hooky" by way of a Dr's Appointment.

I could make a joke about being her Love Doctor, but I'm too out of it this morning. You figure it out.

I honestly don't know what it is about the hot plunge at Harbin, but it seems like even 10 minutes soaking in that over-heated mineral bath undoes months of stored tension. It even clears up my skin.

Ironically, the weather was "perfect" by mundane standards. I make that distinction, because I'm discovering my perversity has extended itself to my preferred climate:

I LIKE foggy days and rain. A lot.

I pondered that as I (finally!) read "Wicked", snuggled under the quilt in the Fern building. When did I start looking FORWARD to the winter? It's not a heat thing like Phoenix (which, until last week, was STILL facing 100 degree temps). It's not a "I don't like nice days" thing -- or nice nights for that matter.

I could imagine a character who holds a grudge against spring and summer for the false hope they present, and thus prefers the honesty of fall and winter. But that's not me.

We actually didn't mind the nice weather much at all, though we pledged that we would re-visit the refuge when the odds of heavy rainfall were better. Perhaps in January.

We made our way back Friday (with a stop along the way for a steak dinner -- we don't eat out as much as we used to, but it seemed fitting somehow), returning to the island early enough that I almost considered catching a movie, but decided against it... we had too much on the Tivo to catch up on.

Saturday I got to see lunar_phoenix for a few hours -- the poor dear is getting a bit burnt on school, and even more so on the continuing troubles with her grandfather's deteriorating health. Since my grandpa fell to a lingering illness himself, I can understand the stress a bit too well.

After she left to re-join the fray, Roni and I finally got to see Serenity.


And Joss Whedon is STILL a bastard.

I read a comment or two here (via my friends list) that it scans like an entire season's worth of shows condensed to a couple of hours. I wonder if there will be an extended director's cut?

Sunday was strange. I wanted to go to Fry's to grab a couple of monitor cables so that Roni could share her PC with the aging 21 inch NEC and my equally aging Mac. While there, I made the mistake of checking out a monitor I was thinking of replacing it with, a 27 inch LCD TV/Monitor (Olevia/Syntax). Yeah, the resolution is "only" 1280 by 763 (or some such), but for what I use the display for it was more than sufficient.

That's when I saw the red-tagged 30" version of the display for only about 100 bucks more -- nearly half off it's 1300 price tag. Since they didn't have the box, I got them to knock another 50 bucks off...

Yeah, I finally got something to replace the 12 year old behemoth -- which I note is still working. I dread having to drag it downstairs, but I have no doubt I'll be able to find it a good home. I think it's still got a couple of years on it.

I know, not much content here today. Like I said, not feeling very witty.

Some days are like that.
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