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Please Remain Seated

Back in the early 70's they taught us about Rosa Parks in Social Studies. The black and white photos, combined with the fact that ALL adults look "really old" to most 10 year olds, made this "history" -- it was quite a shock when I realized that history had a messy tendency to blend into the present.

Basically, I was amazed that she was still alive. I mean, she was OLD. At whopping age of...



The two of us are about as sperate in life experience and temperment as you could find in two people living in the same country -- a genteel soul from the south versus this hot-headed white boy from NYC. Yet, as I read the biography linked from Apple's main page (they resurrected one of those black and white photos I was just mentioning, used in their grammatically frustrating* "Think Different" ads from last century), I was struck by a weird similarity.

She was an aquarius, born almost exactly 50 years before me, in a year ending in "3".

I swear to the goddess that I had NOT seen this horoscope until after writing my last post (as relayed by purplerabbit):

From Rob Brezny:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): "Any serious writer hopes that the best of his or her product will contribute to the larger store of hope that has continually been accruing in this form, the written word, since the dawn of literate civilization," wrote Dennis Holt in his newsletter, "Operation Green Candle." "Good writing is hopeful," he concluded. Your next assignment is inspired by this theory, Aquarius. Whatever your special talents are, act as if you have a duty to use them to inspire hope--to feed people's dreams, engender visions of glorious possibilities, and honor everything that's working really well. Halloween costume suggestions: Johnny Appleseed, Oprah, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Helen Keller.

Add Rosa Parks to that list.

* frustrating for other people who just couldn't GET the phrasing. "-ly!" they would yell, (and some STILL do), "Adverbs are supposed to end with LY!!!".

Get over it... it's think different. As in embracing difference.

** What is WITH iTunes today?!
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