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As The LadyBug Sleeps...

Roni is breathing in slumber as I type this next to her. It was an amazing weekend...the photos I took were some of the best yet (especially as I learn some tricks to make them look better as I take them), and we all had a blast together.

The BBW fetish garb thing at CastleBar was unexpectedly more fun than I thought it would be. I ran into several people I hadn't seen in awhile, and got to be the nelly bi-boy watching many BBW's dress up in some pretty nice outfits. In fact, other than the guy behind the table taking our money, I was the ONLY boy there...I was beginning to feel like I had wandered into my very own fantasy land. Lot's of eye candy.

I admit it, when the one couple showed up with the rather large gentleman in tow, I made AN ASSUMPTION: I properly smacked my own wrist for it afterwards. I assumed that he was there as a spectator/support system (as I was). Imagine my amusement when I spotted him trying own a catholic school girl outfit. I mean, I, of all people, should have known better. I confessed (ahem...no pun intended) my mistake to Valerie, who (being from San Diego by way of Atlanta) could only remark "What a great city!". Word.

Speaking of those cute, just the right level of shortness skirts, Roni and Val both tried them on (they went up to size 30), and they fit wonderfully...but the only matching ones in that size were the red plaid. I humbly suggested they resist the urge to impulse buy, and by them from the Venus web-site -- they thanked me.

A little later I was treated to the wonderful sight of this amazingly beautiful leather dyke change from her jeans and large leather lace-up work boots into one of the same skirts. This was such a switch from her other "look" it intrigued me even more than I already was with her when I first spotted her.

I think I smiled and tried to be merely friendly, feeling myself blush furiously. There are simply some people who make me feel absolutely out of my element, in spite of my "reputation" for being gregarious. I honestly don;t recall how it happened, exactly, but at one point we were commiserating about the lack of SSBBW sizes at this event. I think she was looking at these black panties with a white lace trim when one of the hosts told her that it didn't come in her size. Next thing I know, she's giving me a card to give to Leslie, I'm giving HER MY card and blathering about my web-site, and she's giving me yet ANOTHER of her card for ME. I was so flustered, I was positively RELIEVED that I had other obligations (read: Roni and Val asking my opinion).

Funny thing...she was not only a leather dyke, she was Ms. Santa Clara Leather 1999. Figures. What IS it with me and leather dykes? (rolls eyes)

Speaking of Val, she just signed on after returning home to SD...I'll post this for now and finish later....
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