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Mixed Results

Well, this is going to be a weird entry.

I've been keeping a deliberately low profile over the last two weeks. People with access to locked posts (which will be UNLOCKED, along with this one, once all the key people are contacted) know that recently someone I know contracted herpes, and pretty much decided to play "blame the slut".

I went and had a complete battery of blood tests done -- and today, I received the results.

First, a clean bill of health down the line, from Cholesterol, PSA, and all STD's. The special test (it's not normally even a part of standard STD screening) for Herpes... well, how do I put this?

According to the Dr. I had an elevated anti-body count that, in the absence of an outbreak (of which I have STILL to experience, thank goddess!) means I was exposed to Herpes recently, but my immune system beat it.

I refuse to hazard a guess as to the source, as that's what created the current drama in the first place. At the very least it forced me to get tested, and to learn a lot more about Herpes beyond the bits and pieces I've heard before.

I said it in the previous post, and I reiterate it here -- I was fully prepared to be told I have a full case of active, transmittable herpes. I'm both relieved and disappointed in the results, as a completely negative result would have been far more conclusive. As it stands there are people who will see that I tested positive for a immune-response to the virus, and automatically jump to the same conclusion as did others.

However. let's spell it out: I didn't have it, was exposed recently, didn't catch it and can't give it to other people.

And now since my potential initial exposure dates back two months, and the incubation period for initial outbreak is 30 days at the absolute outside (2 to 14 is more common), I'm pretty much in the clear.

What people choose to do with this information is up to them. Personally I've come to the conclusion the only reason that people consider this an STD is that it involves the genitals -- even casual sexual/physical contact can transmit the disease. There is even a 1% chance of contracting it from... you guessed it... a toilet seat.

Suddenly those "stupid" paper seat covers in public rest-rooms aren't just for the OCD level illness aware, eh?

[Edit to Add:]

BTW, in case there was any question: Despite my panic I should still have told more people, even those I was certain weren't exposed. For one thing, getting tested is always a smart thing, and shouldn't wait for a situation like this. For another, the mutual support would have been extremely nice. Oh, and I wouldn't have been ensnared by the drama, at least as much as I was.

[Edit to Add:]

Unlocked 11/29/2005
* And yes, iTunes has a sense of humor as I write this...
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