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Obligatory Turkey Day Post

While I have many issues with thanksgiving as a holiday, unlike Indigenous People's Day (Columbus day so renamed by the people's republic of berzerkley), it has plenty of secular uses. Thankfulness is something this country is in dire need for.

It is also, ironically enough, one of the only holidays peripherally connected to christianity that somehow did NOT co-opt a pagan holiday -- Unlike Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, et. al.

Getting away from the usual endless debate about the origins of the thanksgiving tradition as we chow down on what was a heavy favorite to become this countries "official bird" over the bald eagle (no, I'm not making that up!), it plays into my recent state of mind of the nature of perspective.

One of the major local radio stations, KFOG, was broadcasting reasons to be thankful from their listeners. I was stunned by the breadth of the shallow waters, and shocked when someone came on and presented a nice drop off of the continental shelf into the Pacific rift. Yet it then occurred to me -- why should we NOT be thankful for all the things that we wish to be thankful for? If I want to be thankful for the free Dr. Pepper (and other major soft drinks) given away for free from work, then why not?

Of course, my "big" list is -- well, bigger than even usual.

It seems like the first 6 months of this year was an exercise in trying to push me against a wall, topped with the incident almost halfway through the year that seemed to change it all. Dodging death in late may seems all the more precious considering all that has happened since then.

Lilly was born -- my first child. I scored my dream job. And every time that I thought my life was going to get worse, it got better.

I'm thankful for the people who stuck with me, even if at times they were incredibly pissed off at me. Roni, penguin_goddess, perlandria, willowstand, lindygale, lunar_phoenix, and others... people who put up with my idiosyncrasies because they insist I have a "good heart", even when I can't believe it myself.

I'm thankful that I am disease free, and (despite my god awful diet) my cholesterol is low, my blood pressure lower, and I don't have cancer -- and that I finally have a Dr. again to check those things in the first place.

I'm thankful for my mom, who somehow manages to love and completely accept her completely weird son. Which reminds me, with that 3 hour time difference I'm going to make "the call" -- and as much as some, including myself, can complain about such obligatory calls to home, I'm thankful that I still can make that call.

[insert intermission whilst Yo Calls his Mom here]

Wow... I hardly EVER get mom's answering machine. In fact, I didn't even know she HAD one. Skip, the step, tends to be home all the time (he STILL works out of the garage), so even when she's working for the Township of Islip (not "is lip", but "i slip"... as in "I slip, I slide...") there's always someone there to answer.

It kinda works out. No one can make you more bashful than your mom. Okay, at least in my case... Anyway, I was able to say i was thankful for her. Hopefully she doesn't pop the tape and save it to embarrass me with later ("You KEPT that?! MOM!!!").

And yes... I'm thankful for that too.

Enjoy the day people... I should go see what Roni's kvetching about.
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