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Because I Feel Like It, That's Why

Ok, I've been a very good boy today at work. When I wasn't cleaning up the call queue (so-called even though it primarily deals with e-mail based support along with the intermittent voice call) I was working on my gradually expanding Perl scripting abilities -- it gets un-nerving when bizarreness like "$jobs =~ s/(^job\d+)(.*)(\n|\r)/$1/" and "@{$joblist{$jobs}{'CallNumbers'}} = split /\n/, $joblist{$jobs}{'CallNumbers'};" starts to make a twisted sort of sense.

Oh, I'm no where near that zen like state where I KNOW what a regular expression will do before I apply it -- at best I've acheived "good guess" status. Eventually I might even get the courage to pump Sam, the resident Perl Genius (amongst other things) for tips and tidbits. The only reason I haven't done that already is that I'm trying to grasp as much as I can without running for help.

I saw a post in lindygale's LJ about willowstand's boss dying abruptly. It was an eerie reminder of the comments I made a few weeks ago about the "they thought it was the flu" retrospective of sudden deaths. Like "They thought they were coming down with a cold, but it turned out to be a brain aneurysm". In this case, it was "They thought it was a cold, then they thought pneumonia, but it was actually flesh-eating staph destroying their lungs".

That, plus the fact the man was seriously into eating right, not smoking, and so forth, reminded me of a great Bill Hicks bit comparing Jim Fixx and Yul Brynner -- you know, Yul was a womanizing, smoking and drinking maniac and died at the horribly young age of 65, whilst fitness guru and jogging maven Fixx died at the ripe old age of... 52. In fact, he died a year BEFORE Yul did. While jogging.

I thought of my recent health scares, and how it turned out that I was not only fine, I was healthier than most of the people who DON'T eat massive amounts of fat laden carbs. It's become increasingly obvious top me that we probably have little to no control over 90% of the factors that would kill us (barring any of the rude and capricious events that make no sense at all, like a multi-ton boulder sliding down a holl and landing on you in your bed as you sleep).

Take the sad tale of the canadian girl who died after a simple kiss. Hell, there's a boy who will wind up on a couch over that one -- though knowing the tackiness of neo-cons in general (there's a term that's taken on a whole new meaning with the recent spate of indictments, wot?) it will probably wind up in some abstinence only propaganda pamphlet.

Oh, and if I weren't already in a snit over the silliness around how we're all a bunch of seditious fucks if we dare question the Shrub's motives for unilaterally and pre-emptively invading a country his own dad thought was a stupid idea, there's the rather Orwellien concept that, until it's announced tomorrow, there wasn't as yet a "National Strategy For Winning the Iraqi Conflict". As opposed to a faith based plan? You know...

  1. Invade Iraq and Overthrow Sadaam and his Minions

  2. ???

  3. Profit!Freedom!*

Finally, from The Huffington Post, there's the news that Diebold is "threatening" to pull out of North Carolina because they demanded complete openess regarding the software used on their voting machines. Their excuse? They use Windows** to drive the machines. Which struck me as a bit of a red-herring -- I don't think the state seriously expected Diebold to cough up the source and programmer names for Windows XP, just the stuff Diebold did... which is the last thing Diebold wants if it wants to serve up a heaping plate of voter fraud in support of the Grand Ol' Party of criminals and usurpers.

Oh, alright... rather than end this on a downer, all hail this alpha geek's effort to make air guitar an actual band instrument. At last, I can Jam like Jimi!

Yeah, a little light on the personal content today... but after the last few entries I wanted an easy one.

* Of course, BOTH are true... at least if you're being paid by Halliburton, a major contractor in Iraq. Like Dick Cheney is.

** Microsoft Windows?! Jesus, didn't they learn anything after the BSOD killed a nuclear sub running M$ NT a few years ago?

[Edit To Add] I should note that I've now unlocked two entries here and here for the perusal of the general public. Bon apetite!
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