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History Repeating (Yet Again)

Flawed intelligence. Outright fabrication to support a war. Congressional critics silent in the face of overwhelming demagougery.

And no, I'm not referring to the Iraqi "war".

Stop 10 people on the street and ask them if the phrase "Gulf of Tonkin" means anything to them. Chances are a couple of the older or more historically aware will be familiar with the phrase, but most would look at you with a blank stare or query if it has anything to do with toy boats*

Over 40 years ago Lyndon Johnson used an alleged attack on battleships in the Gulf of Tonkin as proof positive that the "commies" were commiting aggressions against our way of life, and thus justified the presidential escalation of the "conflict" in Viet Nam. There's only one problem -- the attack never happened in the first place. The parallels are would be creepy if not so tragic -- the use of an amorphous concept as the basis of war, with a goal so vague you can declare victory -- or not -- at any time.

It's incredible that it took more than 40 years to figure this out -- even more incredible in the face of how quickly the current administration's lies are unravelling.

At the same time, Condi Rice has started telling our they allies DON'T have the right to question the US use of "secret detention" facilities used to circumvent US law in the treatment of prisoners. The fact that they have to be transported into these countries and subjected to treatment that violates THEIR laws isn't germane.

Christ, do these people even LISTEN to themselves? Using loopholes and legalese to circumvent not only what is legal, but what is right and moral?

If we keep this shit up, the world is going to come to the conclusion that the terrorists did: That we're bringing terror upon ourselves, and becoming far more efficient and brutal in perpetuating terror than the "terrorists" we're supposed to be fighting. With the last of the capital from 9/11 wasted, we'll be just like the "axis of evil", only WITH WoMD, and the means to bully to get our way.

Just think -- some day history will mention us in the same breath as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Won't THAT be grand?

* As in "Gulf of Tonka". Sorry...
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