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How A Roll in the Hay Leads to Pushing Up Dasies

You know I'm not always this angry, right?

Yeah, I deserve to be a bit pissy when I see people encounter exactly the problems so many warned about, only to twist it into some sort of perverse test of loyalty.

However, then I discover once again how stupid people really can be, and have to laugh.

Mind you, I'm not opposed to bestiality per se, especially as it pertains to male animals (I've always thought that consent is pretty much implied when something jumps on you and fucks you at your slightest encouragement). However, who would think it was a smart idea for a man to take on a full sized stallion -- and one that didn't even know you?!

Yet another proof of Darwin's theories. Of course, the intelligent design morons will blame the internet.

[Edit to Add] lunarphoenix thought that this photo was a fake -- can you imagine them even SUGGESTING that we do the same thing here? No wonder the world thinks we're crazy...
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