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First, The Off-Line Catch Up Entry...

Well, I've got a few minutes before karin returns from her mission of mercy, doing a "born free" with a gopher snake. I must admit I admire her restraint in not doing the legless one serious injury after it bit her (thrice!).

In any case, I recognized a CLASSIC opportunity to update my journal in absentia. It has been a week since my last update, in spit of several occasions I said to myself "ooo, I have to update my journal." Nay, I NEED to update it. I really enjoy doing this.

This past week has been as vibrant as always. Mediocre news first: Ponte is delaying any possible hire of me for a month. At this point I'm not in the least insecure about my ability to do the job, or Richard's desire to hire me. I've grown used to a lot of the ways that the valley works, so it's not even a major surprise. Since I've been approved for more unemployment benefits (foot for the next 3 and a half months) I feel quite a bit less desperate.

One of the things sucking up my time this week has been the amazing progress I've made with the whole CD-ROM thing. Last entry I hadn't even laid out a prototype for what the CD-ROM would look like. Today, I have a fully automated template that requires virtually NO intervention on my part, over nearly 400 unique pages (all using a really COOL feature of BB-EDIT to integrate AppleScript into pages...I'll probably convert those to Perl eventually, just for the practice), a classic "read-me" file, copy right page, terms and conditions for use, and tested it as far back as Windows 95/MSIE 5.0. As a surprise side item the CD-ROM testing flushed out a butt load of bugs with the existing design, none of which would have been apparent to my "beta testers". As a result, the site (and CD-ROM) now both look almost identical on every platform I've tested it on, Mac or PC.

It took 5 test burns before I worked out all of the production glitches, all culminating with the first actual CD with the actual pics being completed Friday night (Belle's...she, ironically, is the one whose samples have YET to go up). I'll probably burn it Monday when I get home, making it the first actual "ready-to-ship" version of the disks to be created.

Last obstacle (though it isn't) is the creation of the actual labels and packaging. In order to comply with certain postal regulations everything needs to go into a special sealed envelope, which is fine by me -- it can double as a "You must agree to terms and conditions before breaking seal" kind of set up. The idea is I can also warn for adult content on the envelope, and NOT on the external mailer (the only way you can GET a plain brown wrapper these days).

Once the label templates are done, I can concentrate on the last time-sink of the whole set-up...actually picking pictures.

This week I have a call I have to make to kshandra regarding her interest in modelling, and I have to play catch-up with one other person who would like to do it. I have another shoot with Marsha set up for NEXT sunday. This weekend, however I did...


Absolutely nothing.

It was wonderful. Me and Roni hung around, watched some DVD's of movies that people have recommended to us for literally AGES. "Office Space" was goofy fun, and "Fight Club" provided a surprise thematic consistency while pleasantly surprising me. I am now greatful to all of the people who have adhered to the first and second rules of Fight Club.

One bad side effect...I can't get the Pixies "Where is My Mind?" out of my head. Thank goodness I was able to DL a clip of it so I could, with time, develope an immunity to it.

We also saw "Legally Blonde", which was a lot better than I thought it would be. Apparently that was the impression of a lot of people who actually watch the movie.

Karin just drove up...I'll have to put this on hold for now.
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