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...So NOW I Feel Overwhelmed

Just a bit. I think it's a classic case of "omigoddess, where is the month going?"

I know it isn't as bad as I think. It's just that a LOT of the month's end is eaten up with this trip to Atlanta with Val (set up before I decided on indulging my lack of sanity by starting a business), so it just seems like my time is simply gone.

Fortunately, I can step back a bit and see that I'm in good shape -- I have product ready to go, and I'll have photos to sort through and process for the trip. I'll be back before May 1, so it's just a matter of plugging in the stuff I can do pretty much anywhere and letting the orders come in as they will. In all honesty I don't expect a sharp ramp up. I won't be upset if I get, say, a hundred orders the first week...but it isn't likely to happen.

The visit with bunjee was very nice. We had dinner, spent a lot of time talking and snuggling. She even managed to get some time off Monday morning so she could sleep in a little. That was a great surprise!

Right now I'm doing some laundry, as it occurred to me that, with a photoshoot tomorrow and leaving for Roni's Thursday, I need to hustle just a bit on getting everything packed for the trip. I might wind up leaving for SD on Monday if pencilled in plans to see someone fall through (they may have to work that day) straight from Manteca (I'll be on 5 already, after all).

Now I await Michele's return form work (already late) so I can eat. I'm a bit cranky about her not being here yet, but that's probably the low blood sugar talking.
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