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W. Waging War While Wasted?

Just posted this to this article on the Huffington Post:

My god, wouldn't it just make perfect sense? What's scariest is that it never occurred to me until I saw it spelt out here in a non-satirical fashion. That's because I grew up with an abusive, alcoholic step-father, and know first hand how easy it is to pretend that it's not all that bad... until the next binge. He's "dry" now as well, and has been for 40 years -- but he's an auto mechanic, not a commander in chief of one of the most powerful military machines in the world.

To all the conservatives who are reacting so strongly to this: I am NOT a liberal, nor a democrat, so please don't reduce this to "liberal desperation". Look at this from the point of view of a family member coming out of denial about a possible problem.

The presidency is not some sort of magic position that confers super-human powers upon the otherwise ordinary men that ascend to that political rank. Deifying the president is a bet that you can only lose over time -- real people have real problems. Clinton succumbed to his carnal desires. Nixon, to his paranoia. Reagan... well, odds are really good he really DIDN'T recall so many details due to the beginnings of Alzheimer's.

Can anyone imagine for a moment what it must really be like to be president of the United States? Even the most well adjusted, competent human being would be under extreme pressure -- imagine the temptation an alcoholic would be under for "just one drink". Imagine if Bush succumbed to THAT weakness as crisis heaped onto crisis.

If Bush IS drinking, he's putting this entire country at risk, regardless of your political affiliation. That could make bribery, insider trading, lying about WoMD, or the Plame Affair look like a drizzle before Katrina hit the coast.
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