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Geeks in Tuxes (And Other Apocalyptic Shifts)

Wow... I'm starting to think that my company exists in a time bubble.

It seems to be stuck in a time when the dot.com boom was in full swing and some companies could afford to be absurdly generous during the holidays. The party was held at the Maritime Museum on FIsherman's Wharf, with a live band (a GOOD live band... I can't remember the name, so I'll need to hit someone here up for it later), catered dinner, open full bar... and holiday presents.

After I was shocked by my holiday bonus, I didn't expect anything more... except there was the founder of the company, dressed as a pirate (complete with cool ruffled shirt and eye-liner), walking around with an actual pirate chest I think he borrowed from the museum, filled with gift cards for 50 bucks each. To keep it interesting they were from about a dozen different stores. I pulled one for REI (yay! Cold weather gear for the "free form team building" exercise in late January!), and Roni, to her eternal disgust, pulled... Barnes and Noble.

Remember, she works for a book distributor.

At least B&N has a DVD department, as I pointed out.

Anyway, as promised I have some shots of Roni and myself before the party. I would have taken some AT the party, except that, like an idiot, I had forgotten to empty the memory card from the last shoot I did (Hi, graceful_heart! I haven't forgotten, I'm just a lazy fool). Thus I only had about 10 shots worth of space to capture evidence of how well I can clean up when the spirit moves me:

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

©2005 Yohannon - All Rights Reserved

That last I took to prove to dragonwitchling that I FINALLY wore the cufflinks. I still owe you one!

Interesting Note: The best dressed at the party were invariably geeks. I suspect that its in large part to prove that we CHOOSE to look like we do on a daily basis, and not because of any innate lack of style. So there.
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