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Random Departures and Arrivals

I'm so ticked off right now I could just SPIT.

I sent Roni our itinerary for the AZ trip this weekend to see dcatt and Lilly. The idea was to get the shuttle set up for tomorrow.

Imagine my profound shock when she called me to point out something completely unexpected -- the trip to AZ is originating, not at the Oakland airport, but from... Sacramento.

Even better, the return trip is to San Jose.

As far as I can figure the AmericaWest web site decided to insert "alternative" airports without being explicit about it, and I didn't catch it then, nor over the subsequent month. I'm angry at AmericaWest for pulling a stunt like this (especially since, at the time, traveling to and from Oakland cost exactly the same), though they at least waived the 100 bucks EACH in penalties. The bummer is that there is now a 75.00 buck difference in the fare, which is a surprise 150 bucks I wasn't expecting to spend.

But mostly I'm angry at myself for not carefully checking the information meticulously when I bought the damn tickets in the first place. Hell, or even a week ago, when I still had time to sit on a phone and kvetch at people until it could be fixed. Now, there's about 24 hours until we have to be at the airport, and (as it is) we're getting to AZ after 9 PM instead of the far more reasonable 4:30 in the afternoon.

Gah... I really didn't need this extra stress. I've grown to hate flying since all the bullshit security put in place -- the recent unpleasantness in Miami makes me even more paranoid that a over-enthusiastic super-double-secret air marshall is going to shoot me for the crime of having a bad med day.

[Edit to Add:] I should note that Roni has been the one to take point on this. I was, in no way shape or form, up for dealing with this today. I owe her both a big thank you for that, as well as an even bigger apology for being so damn bitchy about it on the phone and in e-mail.

Warts and all folks.
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