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Do Not Click Here

Every now and again I see something so horrific I just want to throw it in the faces of the "intelligent design" morons.

Do not click on the following link if you are pregnant, nursing, eating, easily grossed out by extreme deformity brought on by a super-rare non-hereditary genetic disease.

I mean this.

Look, how many times over the last 4 plus years I've been doing this journal have I gone to THIS extreme before passing along a link?

That's right, it the first time I've EVER put a LINK behind a LJ cut-tag.

Click Me To Be Shocked

[Edit to add:] This picture is even sadder, as it shows what she looked like when she was younger.

What scares me is that they say "only 3%" of 150,000 people with this disorder suffer to this extreme.

Folks, that means there are 4500 people going through this in the world today.

I think my nose just got put into perspective.

On the positive side, the Doctors donating their time to help this poor girl have a normal life deserve some serious karma points. However, the locals and neighbors who shunned her should all suffer from some horribly disfiguring injury for doubling her pain.
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