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King Kong, Furious George and Other Random Musings

First, a quick "King Kong" review.

Go see it. Repeatedly.

It's three hours that will go by so quickly that you'll wonder why your ass is numb when you finally rise after the last of the art-deco credit expire. Watch your fluid intake or wear an adult diaper -- it's that good.

I have come to the conclusion that Peter Jackson sold his soul to satan to become the Stephen Spielberg of our time. I take that back -- Jackson may very well beat Steve at his own game. In a way, he already has: Jackson WON an oscar for a fantasy film. Steve had to direct "Schindler's List" to get the academy to (finally) admit that he was a director.

Naomi Watts deserves an oscar -- if she doesn't at least get a nod, there is no justice. SHE'S that good -- especially when not a word is said. Andy Serkis... if this doesn't force people to realize that he's invented a whole new CATEGORY of oscar, I don't know what will. Serkis may very well be the Lon Chaney, Jr. of the new millennium.

Meanwhile, I'm just LOVING the way that The Shrub is discovering that "Instant Karma" isn't just a song by that long haired peacenik commie Lennon. The Patriot Act extension was successfully filibustered, the corruption scandals just widen daily, and now the whole NSA spying illegally in the US by direct presidential order...

It's gotten so I'm ENJOYING reading the news again. Even if the admin manages some short term spin, it backfires on them. The sad part of this whole mess is watching the New York Times descend into irrelevancy as we discover how the White House dictated stories to them. Think about this: They said they "sat" on the NSA spy story "at the request of the White House", supposedly to protect "ongoing investigations" -- for "about a year".

Wait... About a year ago? Say, 13, 14 months?

Say, since before the last election?

Does anyone ELSE sense a theme here? Judith Miller (of the NYT) knew about the White House outing Plame, but kept her mouth shut until AFTER the election. Then this. "All The News That's Fit To Print, As Decided By The President".

And now, apropos of the King Kong review, a rant in several bullets:

  • If you bring a child under the age of 8 to a movie like this, you should get a visit from Child Protective services. At the very least, when the kid start crying in abject terror, TAKE THEM OUT OF THE THEATER.

  • If you get a phone call, and it's an emergency, LEAVE the theater. Otherwise, having a happy chatty conversation in the theater itself is a sign that you probably smoke crack and indulge in necrophiliac bestiality with your mother.

  • That goes double for people who spend the entire movie talking about the movie. I hate stereotypes, but WHY does it always seem to be a black guy? The idiot that almost sent me over then edge during "Narnia" was black too. Is it a cultural thing I'm just not getting? I mean, how is it okay to talk during a movie? Hell, WHY are you talking during the movie? What possible reason would you waste the money you spent to get in by not paying attention in the first place?

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now I can finish getting ready for the trip to AZ to see dcatt and Lilly. I might be able to post from Catt's place, but if not, I'll post something Sunday.

Have a good weekend people!


"There is no problem with our nation…

"...None, that is, which couldn’t be solved by a half-dozen or so state funerals."

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