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From the "Too Close to Home" Department

So, I had heard she was missing -- the posters were all over Alameda. I tend to look at those sorts of things, because... well, you never know.

Then they found her.

What creeps me out about this is that I take that route regularly. It's a classic case of making a right instead of a left. In a fit of morbid curiosity, my boss and a colleague from work swung by after lunch, and it's SCARY how easy it would be to do what she did. A dark night, some rain, and what does an "end" sign mean when you can keep driving... until you're in the water.

Hell, I drove by their easily a dozen times, usually to visit Kim, who lives down the street a ways. Yes, the SAME street. She lay there for over a month... I sure as hell hope they didn't let the family see what that did to her body.
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