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Post Holidaze

I was just about to note the 5 day gap in entries, when I noticed something interesting. This year there was no where near the same fall-off in entries during the holidays that I usually have. That seems to have been reserved for last July, where posts a week or so apart were the norm. Perhaps a post-c-section birth doldrums.


So the weekend after Solstice was relatively quite -- Kim, Roni and I exchanged gifts on Sunday. Roni LOVED the DVD of Wonderfalls, the woefully cancelled series that never got the chance it deserved. Kim about plotzed at the "Rub My Penguin" vibrator (waterproof!) I scored at Good Vibes. Neither had known such things existed, which boosts the surprise factor and allows me to feel like I might be getting my gift giving mojo back.

I received some great tee-shirts from Roni (I had been complaining that I now didn't HAVE any, having discarded so many of them during the move from Boulder Creek), a Jack Johnson CD from Kim (so now I can see if I really like him as much as I suspect), a copy of the Animusic Special edition DVD (pipe dreams in widescreen... ooooo), a compact-flash card for my camera (yay! no more pauses mid-shoot to empty the one card I have!), and... well...

A baby Jesus glow in the dark butt plug.

"Talk about hiding your light under a bushel!" is the joke.

I didn't know that the company that made these particularly sacrilegious sex toys was located locally in Oakland, CA. I should drop by to thank them for the laughter.

Dinner was a honey-baked ham with some tasty trimmings. The rest of the day was spent watching assorted christmas specials (especially the totally wrong, as always, "Robot Chicken Christmas Special"), and a lovely time with the three of us snuggling intensely. VERY nice. Need to do that more often.

Monday was spent cleaning. Roni's still getting over some cruft that seems to have settled into her sinuses, inducing evil coughing (which seems to be slowly fading), so I tackled the laundry while doing the usual slate of chores. My biggest goal was to bring the place up to snuff after all the holiday thrashing. What I did NOT account for was that, by doing three loads of laundry, I would be running up and down four stories worth of victorian staircases from hell (I only cracked my head on the overhead beam walking up from the high "basement" once). I had already planned on taking Roni hot tubbing for her back and sinuses, but I think I needed it more. As it stands, I'm stiff and sore today.

And you can get your minds out of the gutter already!

Tonight, I get to have dinner with kshandra, unless she cancels because of the job interview. Considering this was the re-schedule do to my sudden brain death about LAST weeks dinner date, that would be a bummer.

And now... LUNCH!
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