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I've Got a Headache THIS BIG...

Actually, it's the beginnings of a nasty little pain, right behind my eyes. I know what's causing it, though there's not much I can do about it.

I'm at Roni's in SF, and at about 6:30 PM they actually set up one of those obnoxiously loud jackhammer tractors right on the corner and started tearing up the street. Why? As far as I can tell it's to do non-emergent work around a hydrant that was shut down a few months ago when some maniac being chased by the police nailed it. No, I'm not kidding...I was here when it happened. Water everywhere, and all that. They trundled the suspect off on a back-board, handcuffed to a geurny...but I digress.

Anyway, so this incessant pounding has been going on for about 40 minutes now, and based on the lines they have drawn on the street, it'll probably go on for a bit more. I send out this silent prayer...PLEASE let them be finished before Roni gets here...she was talking about having the remnants of a migraine as it is.

Well, the 'shoot yesterday of Gwen and Jenni went VERY well. Disappointing, but not surprising, was Kathleen's withdrawal. I always felt like she was a bit reticent about the whole thing. I'm glad she felt able to back out...I don't want ANYONE to feel as if they *should* do this. Like one of the models-to-be said to me recently, they're doing it for the sheer FUN of it. I value Kathleen's friendship more than I value the potential salability of her images.

They fed me a lovely beef stew and allowed me to feed my Monty Python jones by letting me watch one of the DVD's they have of the entire series (Hamlet, Mr. Neutron, and A Party Political Broadcast). Actually, I only intended to watch Hamlet, but wound up getting sucked into the last two just because they were there. So there.

I'm pretty much packed and ready to head down south, possibly straight from Manteca early Monday morning. I caved while packing, and instead of my usual duffel, I opted for the large suitcase...which is too big, really, but I don't like leaving with a case already filled to capacity. I need something in-between the two sizes, one of these days...when I have money again.

Terri called from Seattle...seems a friend of hers is driving down memorial day weekend. Since she'll be in the Santa Cruz area, she wanted to get together. Since she's another model prospect, I'm hoping that I can swing it. That's BayCon weekend, but I wasn't going to go to the con all weekend long anyway. None of the other events that weekend really float my boat, though southern faire will be in full swing. I don't think I can manage another trip south so soon after this one, however.

Ah, they've stopped that godawful street shredding! I can already feel the muscles behind my eyes un-kinking...praise goddess!
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