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The Turn of the Year*

* Did anyone catch that leap second? I blinked...

The most frustrating part of this segment is what I CAN'T write about. What happens at Queen of Heaven STAYS at... well, you know. Suffice it to say a good time was had by all, and there was plenty of eye candy of different flavors and sizes, even for Yo. There was this one STUNNING brunette who won't give me the time of day, but that's probably more a measure of my complete and utter incompetence in certain social situations. Or maybe I'm not her thing.


Saturday I got to spend a few hours with lunar_phoenix and penguin_goddess, though Erika almost didn't make it thanks to the storms that were starting to kick California's ass, crotch, and head. In fact, she initially cancelled earlier that morning, as it looked like most of her available escape routes from rural Cowtown were blocked by slides, flooding, or both. A break in the weather gave her opportunity, but even the freeways were shutting down in assorted places, including several that you wouldn't have expected.

As it was, she was originally due to arrive at 11 AM. She actually made it at 3:45.

While we awaited her arrival, I got my butt in gear to prep as much as I could for the party that night, gathered together the DVD player I had promised to give to Kim months ago (at this point I have the deck in the TV room, the one in the iBook, the G4 desktop, and Roni's PC... I think we're covered) and a DVD to watch while Erika braved the deluge.

We had a lovely time, though not enough of it. The whole point for the early arrival was so Kim and Erika could do the shopping, and we could all meet up at noon. Hours of hanging out and relaxing before progressing to... other things. We really need to try again, only without the need to build an Ark first.

I got home in plenty of time to lug the laundry Roni did up the stairs and give Roni a trim with the new clippers, and collected everything we would want to use for the party. We grabbed a bite to eat, running through the Wienershniztle on Webster that, as far as the holiday hours indicated, should have closed an hour and fifteen minutes before we got there.

[insert party here]

Afterwards we were STARVING. We managed to make it back from San Francisco sans playing post New Year's bumper cars in the driving rain (slow the fuck DOWN, damn it! And people think I'M an aggressive driver?!) and hit up the Jack's on Webster (I refuse to go back to the one in SF since the microwaved breakfast burrito incident). We actually made good time on the line... until we were next up.

For no discernible reason the line stopped for 15 minutes. Some idiot behind us kept hitting his horn (like I can DO anything about the line moving, twerp?). Since the reason we had left the party at 1:30 was Roni's sugar crash (we REALLY have to remember to bring a sandwich platter or two next time -- real food makes all the difference) I was worried she would get out and beat the fool up BEFORE I had a chance to.

Fortunately for all concerned we finally got through, made it home, and ate. I vaguely remember falling asleep by 3 AM, knowing I was SO going to pay for it if we decided to shoot for Ukiah the next... er, later that day.
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