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We All Have To Be A LITTLE Crazy...*

* Though some of us could use a little sanity.

I don't deliberately cram a lot into my weekends. In fact, after many insane attempts to live entire lifetimes within two days and nights in my callow youth, I try to schedule down-time.

Of course I utterly failed to to that this weekend past.

It's not something I do consciously. For example, Roni says something like "Hey, Juke's in this production of 'Emperor Norton: The Musical' -- wanna catch it two weeks from Friday?" and I say yes, forgetting that's the same weekend I've already scheduled hanging out with Erika and Kim, the QoH party, running up to Ukiah Sunday...

See Yo. See Yo BEG for a sleep deficit. Sleep, Yo, Sleep. No, I must "Go, Yo, Go"...

You get the picture.

So we (Roni, Kim and I) trudged to The Darkroom, a bar converted to a (very small) theater, for a musical about a man whose life defines San Francisco -- a man who, if not started, at least codified the local hatred for the phrase "Frisco".

It was actually a really fun production. There were some great songs, and the guy playing Mark Twain was GREAT. Juke was, as always, wonderful, and was upstaged only by the guys playing the Emperor's dogs, Lazurus and Bummer (one of whom sang, in Roni's opinion, like Frank Sinatra).

It was sold out, which is always nice to see of a small, worthy independent production. It runs until the end of January, so get your tickets in advance (they had to actually turn people away at the door!) and go check it out.

(If you do, the answer is Yes... I thought the man playing the newsboy was incredibly hot.)
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