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Live, From San Diego...

It's pouring out. As in sudden deluge, continuous for over an hour now, DRENCHING. The weather maps at weather.com make no sense...it's as if this storm were targeting just this part of the country. It's enough to make on paranoid.

I'm typing this on Val's PC, as it may be the last internet access I have until next week (depending, of course, on the degree of bending over required for net access at the hotel we're staying at, and whether or not the place were crashing at tonight through thursday has a connection at all).

Obviously I made it down to SD as planned, though my original plan to stop at Linda's for the night in Pasadena had to be changed...she was having a bad health day, and couldn't cope with a second in bed. It's nice to be secure enough in a relationship that something like that doesn't even phase me. Anyway, I was more than up for the remaining trip south after spending a few hours visiting with her.

I wound up spending Sunday with Roni, as Marsha had to post-pone the shoot. I already have enough pics for a set of her, so my release schedule is unaffected. I wound up spending a gret deal of time trying to beat the USB drive that held copies of all the shoots that I had originally planned to work on during the flight -- it refused to mount on any of the machines I had at my disposal. I would have been incredibly stressed by it if it weren't for my extreme backup strategy (all the shoots are backed up in TWO other places). I wound up spending a lot of time trying various utilities to bring it back, only to find that most of them didn't like dealing with USB based drives uneder OS X. Most frustrating moment: Being able to view the drive using Norton's X based disk editor, seeing that everything was as it should be...and still having the drive refuse to be mounted and/or repaired. If it turns out that I have to nuke it and start anew, I'm going to play wh some Unix based tools just to get the experience in retrieving files that way.

The drive down Monday was wonderful, though surprisingly warm. I got a late start (see above) but made excellent time, in spite of a strong Prescence on interstate 5.

Tuesday, I awoke at noon, feeling like I had been beaten up my angry midgets weilding titanium baseball bats. Puzzled, I chalked it up to dehydration and began pushing non-caffienated fluids at lunch with Val. When I got back, the power at Val's place was out for no apparent reason (another beautiful day!). I took that as a sign that I really had to collapse for another power nap...which lasted until Val got home.

I finally conceded to head based agony and popped some Ibuprofen, washed down with Coke. The relief I felt was almost as good as sex. Methinks I was fighting a mild migraine (if there can be such a thing) for the entire day, thus my hibernating inclinations. This was backed up by the fact that, in spite of all the sleep, I crashed fairly early.

Not before Val and I met with A for dinner, a bit of a surprise for me. I mena, Val had mentioned it before I got there that A was interested in seeing us, which made me speculate on things regarding how things are going with H. Dinner went very smoothly, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I was so relaxed as we were leaving Mimi's I almost responded to her atrocious pun about a "Nice Cock" (a lamp fashioned after a rooster) with a swat on her ass, which I restrained only with amazing reflexive thought. She hugged us both at once, which only served to remind me how good she feels to my phyiscally. (sighs).

Which brings us to my awaking today to rain pounding outside the window.

And the fact that I still have to shower, drag stuff from the car, lug luggage to the car, pick up Val, and get my butt to the airport. Later, folks!
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