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Urgent: Yahoo Account Hijacked!

Some brazilian asshole (the IP address on the friendly yahoo e-mail letting me know my email had been changed traces to a DSL line in brazil) has apparently hijacked my yahoo id (yohannon@yahoo.com). I've already started the (probably fruitless) process to get the account back. If it turns out they won't reset my password (because it's technically trivial to reset a user password, "can't" isn't acceptable), I'm going to insist they delete the account completely and block the ID from being re-used.

In the meantime, if anyone receives an IM or e-mail purporting to be from that ID, especially if it was sent after February 1st, send it my way. Also, if you sent an e-mail/IM to that ID since Monday morning (right before I started my train trip with my company), consider that info completely lost and re-send it, if possible, to my e-mail address (yohannon@rotunda.com).

The only good thing about this is that I never used that address for e-mail, and I barely used the Yahoo groups anymore. If the account is blocked, I might just switch to a backup account (yohannon1), at least for IM purposes. Yahell messenger users, please re-add me there!

(And yeah, there is a lot of other non-yahoo related stuff to talk about/post... I'll do that later)
Tags: geeky, rant
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