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Lestat in the Hat and 3 Strange Days (Again)

[Written Offline, Wed. February 1]

Before I start:

Losing Bijou was hard. Y'all made it a lot easier by understanding that she WASN'T "just a cat", or by trying to ease the pain. That passes with time, and naught else.

Making the event all the harder was that I knew my life would be too jam packed to properly grieve. For example, last Friday I had gotten tickets for Roni to go see "Lestat: The Musical". I had deliberately gotten tickets for the last weekend it was in SF because, unlike so many others, I knew that opening night for a pre-broadway production was a non-swift idea.

Open Note to The Bitching and Whining Masses: Catching the first weeks of any show is like reading the first draft of a book, or hearing the first rehearsal tapes of a classic rock song. You might see glimpses of the greatness to come, but it generally is painful and incomplete. I once heard the early takes of "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Stones, and it SUCKED. Similarly, the so-called "complete and unabridged" of Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land was the unedited early draft that had a lot of slouching soft bellied gristle that NEEDED to be cut.

"Lestat" was actually a LOT more enjoyable than I would have thought. Some of the songs were great, the set design was marvelous and clever, and you could tell the characters were well worn by the actors. One part of the play, "The Origin of the Species" was particularly excoriated by the masses -- by the time I saw it, I thought it a clever plot device that allows the ending of the second act to work.

The plan was to wait until the day of the performance, but Roni was SO wanting to go, I was afraid she would try to snag a single ticket for herself before it left town, so Kim and I decided to tell her Tuesday night. This worked out, as I was right... she was planing on buying that single on Wednesday.

Show Stopping Number: Claudia's "I Want More". Sure, "Crimson Kiss" was good, even great... but "More" was funny and ferocious, much as the Kirsten Dunst defining moment in "Interview With a Vampire" was disturbingly erotic. Like the movie, they made Claudia ten years old, instead of 6. Quite frankly I shudder to think of what kind of six year old actress could do a convincing Claudia would be like. Seriously disturbed?

Anyway, the gift was a hit... and then I was worrying about getting everything together for the annual Perforce train trip. Allison, our HR person, calls it "Free Form Team Building". I call it a wicked cool way to spend three days I would otherwise be working the phones and e--mail support.

When I first heard about the trip, my thought was we would all get on to a standard Amtrack train. Nice seats, maybe some sleepers.

Did you know you can rent classic train cars?

Back in the 70's I had access to a complete set of National Geographic magazines. Yes, I perused them for naked native women to assuage my post-pubescent libidinous curiosity, but I actually loved the ads.

The issues from the 40's had back cover ads for a train car with a sightseeing deck. I remember wondering how cool it would be to be in one of those cars, surrounded by the domed glass.

As I type this we're descending from the Sierra's, just about around snow level, sitting in that car. One of the cars has a fill bar. And the back car is beyond intense, with chandeliers, antique couches, and a fireplace.

Yes, I have pictures. I need to get the benefat pics up first, then I'll post highlights from the train. As far as I know there's no blackmail photos of me snow tubing with Roni and some other Perforcians, as I was unwilling to risk my Canon Rebel to to vagaries of the ice and snow. Which is a shame, as the shots I could have gotten in the gondola ride from Northstar Village to mid-mountain alone would have been worth it.

BTW: Roni and I can now check off "On a train". I shudder to think how low my score is NOW.

The only downside from the trip is realizing how out of shape I've gotten. True, I was over 6000 feet, but I simply should NOT be that tired and out of breath walking about a blocks distance. In just the 15 minutes since I've started typing this I can feel ten times better.

I'm saving and heading forward to hang with Roni for a bit.
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