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Cleaning The Cobwebs

Don't get too excited: I was browsing through rotunda.com when it struck me just how horribly out of date it was. So last night I went to work cleaning it up just a bit -- nothing too drastic, just removing some dead links, buttons, and so forth. The biggest changes involve removing the shopping links and adding the LargeFriends banners (Hey, with a few thousand unique visits a week, maybe I'll get a few bucks. Call it a very small return on an investment stretching back 13 years).

I have to admit, the biggest problem I had with the update was removing Michele's links. Her page is still there... I don't have the heart to remove that... but leaving her links around the site was just becoming creepy. As it is, "Brief History of a Computer Geek" (already a good 8 years out of date... what ambar would call "downright archeological") is going to be a hard edit... eventually.

Hey, this is already a big deal. Now if I can just get the new website design done, I'll be golden. At least my copy right dates are correct now...

Oh, there are still some chunks I need to fix. Not to mention all the new stuff I'll need to add, but I want to wait until I have the new design ready for that.
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