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Tucker, A Town and A Large Rock

Split infinitives in a single bound...

Well, it's a decent (read: better than 5K) dial-up here in De Kalb County, GA (pronounced de KAB, according to long-time former resident Val). We ate at a lovely little cafe on main street (queer owned, and not TOO far from the former office of the local KKK. Would I make that up?).

We then drove by her late father's former residence (with both a for sale AND for rent sign. Uh... would you rent a place that could be sold out from under you at any moment?).

Since I have the digital camera anyway, I wanted to play tourist for a change, if only to prove that Yo dared to have an adventure in the deep south. There's this place not far from Tucker called Stone Mountain, which is this bizarre accident of geology thrusting up a good thousand feet over the surrounding country-side. Billing itself as the largest solid chunk of exposed granite in the world, it boasts a tram to the top and a carving on one side of several notables from the civil war, all on horsback. One of the horses backs is large enough and deep enough to park a city bus on, just to give you an idea of the sheer scale of the thing. You know, it just ocurred to me to check the pictures I took to see if the horse was anatomically correct...probably not, as I'm not sure how you could bring your childredn to watch the regular laser light shows exhibited there with a horse dong the SIZE of a city bus dangling there. I guess that would make the testicles, what, the size of new beetles?

The view at the top was extraordinary, to be sure...there simply aren't any real mountains on the east coast as it is, so you can literally see for miles around. In a sudden fit of evil, we did find a secluded corner that was relatively private for a special photo-shoot (grins evilly), if only to help Val practice some of the new attitude bourne of reading Carol Queen's "Exhibitionism for the Shy". She wound up taking a cell phone call at one point, and the resulting shots make it look like she's having phone sex atop the worlds largest boulder. Hey, we were only almost spotted twice, which only made the whole thing all the more thrilling, in a weird sort of way.

We got back in plenty of time to meet up with many of Val's friends for dinner, where much fun was had by all. It was intriguing seeing this part of someone's life I had only heard bits and pieces of before now. At one point I was surprised to learn that the boy sitting across from me was the man that she once told me of that was the only one ever to make her orgasm just by stimulating one nipple. Val made it a point to mention that I had taken that as a challenge, which is why her left breast was so sore (er, yes, I did). Needless to say, I was a bit non-plussed...though not as much as when I was introduced to the man who was responsible for teaching her how to perform fellatio (gay, of course...explains a lot).

Yes, this is the SAME woman who thinks that "Exhibitionism for the Shy" is an important tool for her further development. Goddess help us all...and myself most of all.

Anyway, off to bed...I want to try and actually get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow, which is tricky considering I'm still recovering from that three hour loss. I think we're both going to give Roni a call before we crash...it's still yesterday on the west coast.
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