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Will the REAL Muslims Please Stand Up Already?!

Question: Can you tell me the difference between these two cartoons?


Moe Go Boom!


Moe Go Boom, Too!

Answer: One of them is being used, with no sense of shame nor irony, to incite exactly the kind of violence and radical fundemental attitude that the cartoons were pointing out in the first place.

Yup, image one has been used by smarmy small dicked pig-fuckers claiming to be "religious leaders" as an excuse to riot, destroy property, and to promote...

...religious TOLERENCE?!

People wonder why I think hate-crime or hate-speech laws are a bad idea. Virtually anything can be interpreted as "hateful" or "disrespectful". As a witch similarly small minded christians use the same ideas to suppress diversity.

I hasten to note that I'm NOT generalizing -- I've met many christians, muslims, and so forth who are horrified by these kinds of cynically orchestrated over-reactions, taking religions based in peace and understanding and perverting them to their own power hungry ends.

I post them here as one perfectly up-thrust middle finger to those who are so thin-skinned and insecure as to threaten people with death... over a cartoon?

Get over it, assholes.

Oh, image two? Published 4 years ago. Don't seem to recall the riots that one, and many more even worse, inspired.
Tags: politics, rant
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