Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

Still Waving, Still Dreaming...

[This is open note to someone to make something clear. I suspect that it will make no sense at all to some of you -- just trust that this is something I have to do to be me.]

Audra, I love you. ALL of you. All the parts, all the wholes. I'm sorry I hurt you, I'm sorry I put you at risk. I made a mistake. I still want to work this out, but your anger has become a form of self abuse. I know you don't see it that way, but it has.

I'm afraid for you. For your state of mind, in whatever form that takes. Please, if you can't talk to me, if you can't work this out, I'm hoping you're doing what you need to do to heal and find peace. If, at some level, you feel any obligation, consider it on hiatus. If that's not enough, then you have the power to let it go and move on -- I can only release myself, and no one else.

I've set comments to this to screen, not because I don't want you to comment, but because I want you to feel free to express whatever anger you'd like directly to me, if that will help. The universe is big enough to take it in, and if I have to be the conduit to make that happen, I'm ready. If you wish it to become public, all you will have to do is indicate that -- I will do so un-edited and without comment, unless otherwise requested.

To your highest good, and nothing less.
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