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Time Traveling (and Other, More Mundane Physical Displacement)

No, I didn't notice that the date on this PC was off by over two weeks. I have no idea if I can actually tweak that on the earlier entry, but will try AFTER I get all this down. (thanks to ambar for catching it...as always)

The bash was an absolute blast. Aside from the bizarre feeling of returning to the past times in CA where smoking still happened in bars...oh, and the fact that menus here tend to include "grits"...the trip has been a lot of fun.

We got tot he bash Friday afternoon, and Valerie spent WAY too much money on clothing. No, let's be honest...she bought tons of really hot fetish wear, and if the new biz actually makes money, she might be able to write it off next year.

Friday night there was a dance in the hotel bar that was PACKED. The turnout for this bash was amazing (definitely better than Big as Texas was this year). High point: FInally meeting a chat friend that I had known for YEARS. Neither of us knew the other would be here. When she first walked in, my first thought it was Val, except V doesn't wear glasses. Second thought..."what a hot babe!". Third thought: How to discreetly look at her name badge without being a creepy guy.

Turned out NOT to be a problem. I saw her chat name ont he badge and positively SCREAMED with delight. Once she managed to parse my badge, she did the same ("Yohannon" the spelt correctly, though they had my "real" name down as "John Halpig" from "San Cruz". Sigh...) and we did a little dancing/hopping/hugging thing.

When Val DID arrive, we all wound up dancing together, and they hit it off. V is going through (in her own words) a bit of a narcissistic phase, and the fact that this babe looked a lot like her (albeit taller) was apparently quite the turn-on.

They went off to chat, and I was mingling witht eh crowd a bit, when I saw this very cute blonde in an unnatural position in the back of the bar. I did a major double take, made a flippant remark (Trust me, if you saw what she was doing YOU would have as well) and did some flirting for a bit.

We were sitting together for a bit, when I decided I needed to get moving. She was expressing the beginnings of actual interest, so I thought it would be a REALLY good idea to let her know EXACTLY where I was coming from. One of the threads of the conversation had to do with the fact that she didn't understand when men were flirting with her, and why. I was pointing out that *I* thought she was extremely cute, but that I doubted I was her type. She asked me why, so I told her the usual...being married, polyamorous, bi, etc. That's when the whole thing took a VERY sharp turn into the twilight zone.

She starts whispering to me about how she's married, and that her husband was upstairs asleep...and that her long standing fantasy was to have a threesome with a man and a woman. This was a serious test of my personal boundaries on a couple of levels: The first being that she was NOT in a poly relationship. The second was she seemed in a bit of a rush to do this thing, without even having met Valerie.

So I turned her down, but said I'd love to keep in touch. She starts in with the "Oh, if it doesn't happen now it'll never happen because now you've rejected me" bit. Ten years ago I might have been totally manipulated by this routine, but now? I smiled and said "I'm really sorry you feel that way" and walked away as quickly as I could without looking like I was running.

This resulted in the only downer of the evening (and in fact the whole weekend), which was it looked like Robin had headed home, after tying to find me. I was in a bit of a funk for about an hour or so, but resolved NOT to let it stop me from having a good weekend. After a serious snuggle with Val (which brought my spirits back up QUITE a bit), we donned our PJ's and went to one of the room parties (PJ motif, ok? It's not like I actually OWN a pair of pajamas).

There, I was told I look like Chris Elliot (which I humored by doing a "These pipes...are CLEAN!" line)and was tutored in the art of "speaking southern".

And then, in walked Rob in these ADORABLE teddy bear PJ's. There was much rejoicing, and the three of us left as quickly as we could, polite or no.

(insert amazing evening here)

Once again I have discovered the importance of the rules of convention or festival health:

- Eat at least 2 meals.
- Get at least 5 hours sleep.
- Do not invert numbers. (thanks, V!)

Going to sleep at 5 and waking at 8:30 is clearly a violation of rule number 2...but it was worth it.

I'll try to get yesterday input later...right now, I need a nap for another gathering of V's local tribe at a local eatery called the Cracker Barrel. Pray for me.
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