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Oh... I Thought You Said We Were Hunting QUAYLE!*

Well now. This whole "Cheney Shot Someone" thing takes the whole "shooting oneself in the foot" thing one step further... except that the administration has managed to screw this up as well.

Then there's the latest news that Monica Lewinsky a "woman" was involved. And beer. That's right, while people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, our vice-pres is re-living his frat boy days, getting buzzed and taking potshots

Of course, to RE-live something, I guess you need to stop living them in the first place.

Combine this with the warrantless spying and people being tainted with the charge of "sedition" for writing letters to the editor disagreeing with administration policies, and this promises to be a lively election cycle... one that is already down to 8.5 months.

* Strange how no one has made the obvious cracks about "quail" and "Quayle". Too obvious?
Tags: politics, rant
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