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Yahell: The Saga Continues

So, there's someone logged in as "yohannon" on Yahoo Messenger right now... and it's not me.

After two weeks of attempting to get a response from Yahoo, something other than a fucking machine, I'm about ready to take this up a few notches. As in, does anyone want to take on a little pro-bono work to send a cease and desist to Yahoo? Maybe a few press releases.

Hell, if a bunch of us get together, we may have the basis for a class action lawsuit. There might even be a federal angle: Since I can no longer "opt out" of any of the mail lists on various Yahoo message boards, they might be in violation of the CAN-SPAM act.

If you see "yohannon" under your Yahoo messenger client, be sure to send him your disgust. In the meantime, I'm going to start making some phone calls tomorrow -- including as many to the Yahoo switchboard as it takes until I can get in touch with someone who can FIX THIS.
Tags: rant
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