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Civil Obediance As Protest

Many moons ago I speculated on the concept of how to REALLY screw with the system without breaking the law, as so many were doing. For example, if you really wanted to shut down freeway traffic, laying yourself down on the asphalt wasn't the way to go -- get 5 to 10 drivers, line 'em up on the freeway two deep...

And drive the speed limit.

Over on elfs LJ I saw this link to a movie by some students in Atlanta, GA... that did just that. Of course, they weren't doing it to protest the War, just the fact that the speed limit is a joke, and always has been. (I've driven that freeway in Atlanta, by the way... people are as whacked as LA or Boston. So much for southern gentility!)

Now I just have to find that original LJ post to prove I thought of it first.

(Yes, I know I need to do some blogging to tell everyone how the concert Friday night was. Short form: "FUCKING AWESOME!")
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