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Notes From the "Group W" Bench

Went to catch Arlo Guthrie at the Marin Civic on Sunday. He was doing a tour commemorating the 40th anniversary of "Alice's Restaurant", which leads me to feeling a LOT older than I should.

It had been quite awhile since I had last seen him, so it was a bit of a shock. He's still Arlo, but you could hear a little gravel in his voice (especially before he got warmed up) that only age can induce. He also is more of a slow picker these days -- he left a lot of the flash in "Coming into Los Angeles" to the slide guitarist and his boy, Abe, on keyboards. However, his ability to tell a story has NOT diminished, and (to be blunt) that's why I like to see him live.

I wanna be able to hold an entire room in thrall like that when I grow up.

The weather was as wacky as it's been over the last few weeks wherein, yet again, Roni and I were hailed on as we left the civic. I am now CERTAIN that it has hailed more here in the Bay Area the last two weeks then in the previous 15 years I've been here. Throw in all the thunder storms we've been having and I almost feel like we're getting all the weather I miss the most from my east coast youth.

Other than that it was a pretty mellow weekend. I did some shopping with Roni on saturday, grabbed a tub (which will soon be off-limits for reasons to complicated to go into before I run to lunch), and had a lovely evening at home. Friday night I spent with Audra, which was also a lovely time (with the occasional hard conversation).

There's so much going on this month it isn't funny -- I was originally hoping to slip off to AZ to visit Catt and Lilly, but I suspect it may have to wait until early April. Since I'm DEFINITELY going to be in Phoenix for Lilly's first birthday, I need to make getting Early April organized a priority.

Now I just have to do my (blankety blank) taxes to make sure I'm not going to be hit with any surprises.
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