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Civil Disobediance

Okay, I've been quiet long enough -- and people keep saying really, REALLY stupid things, and that makes me want to kvetch.

What's a civil war? Better yet, when does an insurgency cross a magic threshold into civil war?

Ok, if we take our own history as a guide, 620,000 people died over a period of about 4 years. Call it 1460 days, give or take. That comes to about 410 people a day.

However, historians note that about two thirds of that number dies due to disease, and not battle. Call it about 135 people per day. Now, the US population as of the 1860 census was about 31,443,000. The population of Iraq, as calculated in 2003, is 25,175,000. If we calculate the ratio based on total population, we get about 108 deaths per day.

The current rate of "murders"* in Iraq has hit about 70 to 90 a day, depending on who you ask.

So, if our asshole Shrub is basing his pithy assessment of the status of Iraq on the US civil war, he's correct -- Iraq hasn't quite gotten there yet.**

Of course, that's a subtle distinction when people are dying.

Meanwhile, if the us population thinks things are going bad in Iraq, it's all the fault of the "liberal media". You know, the same media that's so terrified to publish anything negative about this illegitimate administration's crap that they have to be humiliated by a punch of punk ass bloggers (present company included!) before they'll admit that something really happened, and they ignored it because "It's not very important" or "old news".

Of course, then point is it got "old" because they never reported it in the first place.

Yet that's why Bush's numbers are failing -- over the last 6 years blogging became this unexpected alternate source for news. Why get something fifth hand, based on what someone ELSE thinks you should be interested in, when you can go straight to the source? Nobody's paying attention to the American MSM (main stream media) any more, at least no one who cares to find out what's really going on.

Thanks to blogs and the fact that you can access any news source on the planet pretty much directly, be it text, audio or video, that whining little bitch can't seem to get much traction with the old "blame those media thugs for beating up on poor ol' me!" Right. The same thugs who backed down when CBS got toasted for those "falsified" memos. The ones that weren't falsified. Not to mention that even if they WERE forgeries, NO ONE DENIED THEIR CONTENTS. Bush was one AWOL little spoiled brat good ol' frat-boy who got out of serving in even the slightest way he's making over 135,000 US service people serve right now.

Did you know their sending back service-people who are on anti-psychotics and anti-depressants after their first tour(s)? That's right, they're calling up people on the reserved list who have been their for nearly 20 years, and they're sending back the very people most likely to crack who are on drugs with warning labels like "Use Caution When Operating Heavy Machinery". How about "Use Caution When Driving Under Armored HumVee's And Bearing Automatic Weapons, Grenade Launchers, or On Prison Duty"?

Now we have this dirty little war's Mai Lai Light -- Not to detract from the tragedy, but the Mai Lai Massacre did in an entire village of over 300 people, whereas this little contretemps only took out 15. However, it's an early warning sign that people are beginning to hit their last winds (they passed second, third and fourth winds several winds ago) -- when the REAL massacre happens, watch this war's little remaining support trickle away like blood down one of Abu Gharib's shower drains.

Man, isn't it November YET?

* So while doing some flash research for this entry, I came across this website that compared the number of homicides in california to the death rate in Iraq... only they don't count civilian deaths, or even insugents deaths, only "coalition" deaths. Add those inconveinent numbers and you get about triple the California homicide rate. It should be noted that California's population is well over 35 million -- ten million fewer people and triple the death rate, and that's probably CONSERVATIVE. That someone thinks this justifies that mess is sickening. Gotta love the quote from the french, though!

** Oddly enough, this would qualify the unpleasantness between the Israelis and the Palestinians as a civil war. No wonder that conflict makes everyone so damn nervous -- there's nothing more dangerous than a domestic dispute. Ask any cop. Ask me... I've had way too much experience as a witness to that.
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