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V is For Very Good

So, I meant to post this Saturday, but allowed myself to succumb to the demons of illness.

Go see "V for Vendetta". It's really, REALLY good. The fact that it's done pretty well at the box office is a bad sign for the Shrub and company -- even a year ago it might have been in poor taste to remind us all the only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is which side gets to tell the tale.

Without going into too much detail (no spoilers!) there is so much going on that I suspect I'll need to see it again to catch all the allusions and references. For example, the Boston Tea Party is actually mentioned early in the picture with no small sense of the ironic, as is a memorial to a school struck by a terrorist bio-weapon is a bronze sculpture of a group of children playing "ring around the rosie" (google it)... the list is endless.

Do NOT go to this movie expecting a non-stop action parade. This movie asks hard questions about the nature of violent protest, torture, and (ultimately) conspiracy theories. You should see this film before considering the possibilities put forth in this post by fae_struck. Bluntly, I wouldn't put it past the bandits allegedly running this country to pull a stunt similar to the one in the movie, with an eye on the booby prize.
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