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What's The AP Newswire Afraid Of?

By now you may have heard of the poor, abused republican running for "Duke" Cunningham's recently "vacated" (read: he's going to jail for a long time) senate seat.

Now, considering the (cough) circumstances of Duke's departure, you would suppose that any republican senate wannabee's would play the role of Ceasar's wife to the hilt, and make DAMN sure not to make boneheaded mistakes. So, posting a picture of a suburb of Istanbul (and yes, that damn song IS running through my head now, thank you very much!) and claiming it's Baghdad, Iraq is the height of either incompetence or malevolent disregard for the truth, NOT some "innocent mixup".

Where does the venerable AP newswire fit into all of this?

Well, there has been a lot of rumbling that the AP is often using blogs as sources without attributing them as such. Check out this AP release and notice that they only peripherally refer to bloggers, but fail to mention the specific sites that dissected the photo.

This is all covered in far better detail on the Huffington Post.

What's the hoo-hah all about? Folks, a lot of writers never see a dime for their writing. If I took all the money I someone managed to be paid for my writing and broken it down per every word I've ever written in seriousness, the amount is so small as to be virtually meaningless. For example, I suspect that my total take for this entry would come to well under .001 of a US penny.

In lieu of financial remuneration we rely on some sort of recognition system when people use our work. In other words, GIVE US SOME DAMN CREDIT. No big deal, you would think. But the Mainstream Media (hereafter referred to as the MSM) is already seriously threatened by the blogging phenom, and has been since Drudge scooped the world on a certain presidentially stained blue dress. AP has taken it to an almost criminally negligent level: Using material without attribution is plagiarism, period. It's only a matter of time before someone with the legal connections sues their pants off. Until then, the AP gets an ongoing black eye from the very masses that they're trying to ignore.

Goddess, when the hell will people LEARN? The fastest way to spread an opinion you disagree with is to try and suppress it. Those WoMD's called political cartoons of Mohammed, Tom Cruise and the "Closet" episode of south park, or any banned book -- if people had just gotten over themselves there are a lot of things that would have sank without a whimper. Telling someone that they can't read, see, or say something just makes people WANT to read, see or say anything.
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