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No Fool Like an Old Fool

A lot of people are surprised I don't do much on April Fool's day. Well, for one thing, I've discovered that doing the prank thing every year pretty much clues people in that you'll... well, do something every year. If you mix it up a bit, it keeps people guessing.

I love it when people go to extremes to do something that's non-destructive or evil on April first. Google's parody of e-harmony, "Google Romance" (in beta, of course!) had me chuckling, though it doesn't rise to their first major April Fool prank, Google Lunar Base. I thought the /. pink pages were adorable as well.

But damn it, I simply outdid myself with this classic piece back in 2003. Perfect wording, and just enough sarcasm to keep people thinking "He's not serious... is he?!" How does one follow up with something that caused that much shit? I even got lambasted by a "fat, sexually active" christian for having the gall to "mock other people's beliefs". Check out the comments section, you'll see that, and my rather pointed reply.

I always thought that listing an "Amy Grant" song as the musical selection was a great touch, as was picking "jubilant" as the emotion.

I miss being able to do that... being able to be different people. In the early days of online communication (read: the late eighties/early nineties) I actually had three or four personas I liked to take on for varying reasons when dealing with others online. For the obnoxious christian boards that brooked no dissent, even with biblical justification, I liked calling myself "Pope John I", as the leader of my own christian sect of 1. On a largish Mac board I was "Jackbox" for awhile. And so on...

And then "Yohannon" was realized. No, not "born" -- that implies that I didn't exist before the name was gifted to me in '92. Yohannon is no more a persona of me than my "real" name is -- it's the name of the person I would become.

I've mentioned discussing the lack of "real" writing in my life with Kim. Yes, I know this is as "real" a form of writing as any, but it doesn't fill the same need that writing fiction does.

What was the line from "V for Vendetta": Writing is a form of lying to tell a truth? Just as zen koans are mind games designed to trick the unaware into enlightenment, writing as a whole should contain little land mines to coax people into a different place, without anyone realizing they're the wiser. Broad political polemics are wonderful for rallying the faithful, but it's fiction that can turn the most stalwart mind by sliding under the closed doors of thought.

Yes, I'm bemused by my own stance. After all, those of you who know me as a person will agree that my biggest weakness is impatience. And here I am espousing the evolutionary over more radical approaches.

Go figure.
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