Yohannon (yohannon) wrote,

"...So Jesus Jumps Up An Goes 'BOO!'"*

I'm alive. I'm overwhelmed. My personal life, despite a slash and burn reality that doesn't reflect my desires, is still so complicated that it looks like an org chart as conceived by M.C. Escher.

I almost suffocated on Sunday thanks to a bizarre asthma attack that seems to be mold related (and NOT Kim's fault), Catt's pissed off at me for reason's that she seems utterly incapable of explaining, work is crazed thanks to intensive training for the next major release combined with the fact that several of the remote offices were closed due to the easter holiday's (the UK apparently gets both Good Friday AND the Monday following easter off), I've got plumbers invading Friday morning because the landpeople are convinced that there's a leak originating up there somewhere, a potluck at work the same bloody day, and...

Fuck, it's ALL too damn much.

Add to that my decision last Friday to finally launch the fat_sex blog. That, ironically, is an attempt to simplify my life -- the mailing list has become moribund, not from lack of interest, but frustration at the mysterious loss of random messages and the overwhelming amounts of spam the server has to contend with. People are really excited about the move, which couldn't come soon enough -- I received yet ANOTHER call from Alameda Power and Telecomm about complaints from AOL that I'm "spamming" their users (translation: 5 users, apparently utterly incapable of either following the instructions appended to every e-mail regarding how to unsubscribe, or simply e-mailing me directly at the same goddamn address I've had now for over 14 years, have opted to claim that the 100% opt-in mailing list I run is spam).

It's funny: Now that I finally have a nailed up, 24/7 'Net connection of a high speed nature, I most look forward to not NEEDING one any longer. Long time readers will appreciate the humor more than most.

I realized recently how full circle my life in California has come. When I first landed here in '88, I was living in Foster City and biked every day to work. Now I'm living in Alameda and, after 12 years of being no where near a bicycle, I'm riding a bike again. I opted for something priced for mere mortals: I can't imagine why anyone not into professional level biking of some sort would drop over 2300.00 dollars US on a bike.

No, I'm NOT kidding.

I was bemused to discover that I spent pretty much the same money I spent in '88 (for a ten speed bike with those skinny tires) for a 21 speed with front shocks, quick release tires, self healing tires, easy shift's built into the handle bars, gel seat... the list of improvements is endless. And this is ENTRY LEVEL.

I've been trying to slow down, only to find my time is scheduling itself these days. May is already almost completely booked weekend wise, and the first week in JUNE is going to involve my Mother flying out to California, and (unless I can't figure out how to appease the angry mother) a hop to Phoenix so she can meet Lilly in person for her first birthday on 6/6/6.

I am determined to stop this roller coaster, yet am thwarted by some sort of social inertia that seems as irresistible as any other newtonian force.

Feh. FEH! I say!

* I spoke to my Mom this Sunday past, and despite coloring eggs with Kim and Roni earlier in the day, completely forgot what day it was. I guess I truly HAVE drifted far and wide from my catholic roots!
Tags: personal, rant, work
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