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More Fun in Atlanta

Well, just got back from dinner, which was lovely. Val's friends are great people. We wound up at Andy's place, caught the end of Raising Arizona and the latest Queer as Folk. Poor Emmet.

ANY way, Saturday was basically filled with some surrealness. We were exhausted, but had to get to the lunch as Val had agreed to model, and I had agreed to record the event as it was almost certain that Val would wear something slutty. Very slutty.

Exciting geek moment: I figured out how the new cam does MPEG's. Used it to great effect, as you will see.

Lunch was strange, as little miss "I wanna threesome RIGHT NOW" was there with hubby. I discreetly (yes, I know how!) pointed her out to Valerie, which turned out to be a good thing.

Had a lovely talk with a fellow kinkster about the general cattiness of BBW groups as opposed to the accepting nature of BDSM/Kink/Poly groups. I was not as certain as she was of this thesis, but then I haven't had much of a chance to examine the dynamics of the other groups, and the available evidence did support the theory that BBW groups had large contingents of what I call "barracudas", women who are only looking for monogamous relationship material pretending to be mutually supportive while doing everything they could to fight for what was, to them, a small pool of available men. That would be men NOT like myself. To many of those women (and a few of them men) I'm almost the anti-christ. However, to a growing number it seems I'm viewed a bit more positively. I have no idea how or why...but it is nice to know.

Of course, it could be that I'm a lot more secure with myself these days and don't CARE what some people say.

Val's stint was all too short...I managed to ccapture some of it in MPEG form, while encountering some of the short comings of the camera I was using. I can already see I want something a bit more responsive.

The afternoon turned into power-nap time, as we were both simply TOASTED. Robin dropped by to join us, but we all wound up getting distracted right up to dinner.

Nonetheless rejuvenated (or maybe it was just a second wind) we went down to dinner, which had a ren faire motif. There was a lovely madrigal group...um, I think it was called knightsong or some such. The first half of the performance was spoiled by what Valerie called "ignorance coupled with rudeness", whose progeny (I said then) was too much fucking talking over some excellent singing and harmonies. Fortunately, once people ate the dis-interested left, leaving the rest of us time to enjoy the rest of the show. Guys, I feel for y'all...it must have been like dinner theater hell in there.

Val and me hung out in the room after dinenr while they prepped the room for the Ball later on.

The ball started late (about 10-ish) but was GREAT. Unlike the dinner, people were dressed up in the spirit of the moment. The music was pretty good, and I was in a really good mood. What made the night was that, left over from the performance earlier, were two wing backed chairs on one corner of the dance floor (I think they were stand-ins for thrones). For some reason no one would sit in them...the most comfortable chairs in the room, too. I know, because me and Val (with no shame whatsoever) took up residence in those chairs and played major voyeurs to the dance floor.

From time to time we would get up, thinking someone else would get the idea...but no one else would sit in those chairs. It was like people thought they shouldn't sit there. So it was like we had two reserved seats for an incredible show, and we took advantage of it.

Buxom BBW's in corsets and bodices, flowing gowns (some almost transparent), guys (some creepy, some actually very cool...one black man had these cool contact lenses that made his eyes appear completely white. Nice!). At one point it was like an organized riot, good natured insanity and about as close as I've seen human beings howl at the moon without special effects.

At one point I was hanging upside down in the chair taking Val's picture. Another, she was lap dancing me, and completely lost it laughing when I realized she wasn't wearing anything under that gown.

Shit, Storm just hit us...thunder and lightning, wind and rain. I miss this kind of weather...but I should continue this later.
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