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From The Wilds of Arizona...

I know, Yet Another Gap. People have been pinging me to get updates on my life, especially since my LAST diatribe was relatively content free in terms of my personal trials and tribulations.

The idiocy of AP&T was only exacerbated by the fact it took them a week to reply to a comment they claim they would get back to "in two to three days". While they didn't specify these as BUSINESS days, a "week" still has five of these. Which wouldn't be so bad if the note they sent wasn't completely unhelpful and seemed to not acknowledge my main point, boiled down to "you could have called me!":
    I have read your feedback and I have reviewed the case notes opened by our abuse group.

    Your account was locked since the abuse group saw no change in activity. The abuse group did call you to verify you were getting their notices. It is noted that it appeared the people that OPT-IN to your site didn't know how to unsubscribe even though there is a utility in place to unsubscribe. It's also noted that you were going to remove AOL users from the list.

    As of 4/24/06, there were no new complaints from AOL.

    Sincerely yours,
    Nick Oehler
    Alameda Power & Telecom
    Dedicated to Excellence, Committed to Service.

Right. No comment on the fact that they didn't call me to tell me that my service was being turned off. At no point did anyone seem concerned or express any though that my service was at risk. Not even a simple "Sorry about the miscommunication".

Up yours, Nick. Next time try some fucking empathy -- like, how would it feel if your cell service was summarily shut off for an "alleged" violation, all on the word of some other company... and with no proof, evidence, or even the chance to discover if these addresses were on the mailing list in the first place?

No, I'm not bothering to reply. If they can't understand as clear a communication as was my comment, given both verbally and in writing, then I'm not going to bother talking to them. Talking to YOU, on the other hand, is both cathartic and amusing.

The last week and a half has been weirdly incredible, mostly in a good way. bunnybutt finally was up for having dinner, which was odd mostly because Michele was easily far more hyper than I was. Apparently a vegan diet has fixed both her cholesterol AND her blood sugar, so she's finally off the evil drugs that, bluntly, fucked up our relationship far more than anything I could have done. Bluntly, this doesn't excuse the mistakes I DID make -- though it does, once again, give me more ammo for my 100% justifiable distrust of the medical profession as a whole. It didn't help that she gave me another horrific Kaiser story to add to my already all too personal repertoire, involving a friend's wife (they had both been to our wedding, as small as it was!). A simple scratch from gardening got infected, and after the usual self remedies failed, she went to the ER. The ER basically re-bandaged the wound and told her it was nothing.

Two days later they amputated her leg at the hip -- she's apparently one of the few survivors of that "flesh eating bacteria".

Did I mention her husband's a lawyer?

Considering how close they came to doing me in when they kept insisting I had the flu (it was hepatitis A) and screwed up an IV drip which resulted in straight Potassium being fed into my right arm...

But I've already told that story.

The biking thing is going far better than I could have imagined. The only reason I drove my car at all this week was to do Dinner with Michele on Wednesday (but I biked in the morning and home for lunch, just to get a couple of miles in) and Thursday because I was flying to Arizona with Roni that night.

Oh yes... about Thursday.

So, I've mentioned the Teas that the company has once a week. They're a blast, and they actually have resulted in some great tidbits of info that have made my job a lot easier. This week was not the usual Tea, as attendance was as close to mandatory as you can get and still not feel like you were forced to attend.

That's because our esteemed founder announced bonuses. Which I kinda sorta expected -- after I received the biggest holiday bonus I had ever seen last November, one of my co-workers (a ren geek with great taste in scotch) warned me that "your head will explode come next April".

While I won't be so gauche (or as stupid) as to say what the amount was, suffice it to say I will get a rare opportunity to gloat by heading over to Apple Store Burlingame to slap the gold card down for a new system this summer... and my savings will STILL be double what it was last week. My only malicious and petty hope is that two faced bitch is still there... only that collides with my OTHER petty and malicious desire that she was canned for incompetence. And to be honest, I don't care THAT much -- I'm more interested in seeing the people I like than showing up the people I don't.

My co-workers Randall, Jackie and I all enjoyed the sight of our minds being blown. I already worshipped this company and consider it the best job I've EVER had,although working with Guy at Apple my tie simply based on the coolness factor of meeting Cheap Trick -- hats off to them for going after SONY for download royalties, btw! -- amongst others. What's better than "worship"? I may have to invent a word, like the James Tipton parody on SNL. "Splendericious!"

Roni's company, on the other hand, gave everyone a "pity bonus" of $100.00 -- before taxes. I mention that because it's practically a rounding error for most people at those (under)pay levels. Bluntly, the company would have made money, but Toilette and Douche is bending them over with bullshit auditing charges (thank you, SarbOx!). The same day. Something she didn't mention until we were at the airport that evening.

Which finally brings us TO Phoenix.

The plane ride was a bit cramped. It turned out to be an Airbus, barely a step above a regional prop plane. As it was, it was a good thing Roni and I shared two seats (only two seats to a row. THAT small). We've seen glove boxes larger than the over-head bins.

The attendants were morons. There was this one big Hispanic dude with a voice that made me exclaim "It's Pat!" to Roni (he was flaming so much I'm surprised homeland security didn't bar him from the jet) and this one slightly chubby older woman who, when I asked what drinks were available answered "Soda, juice, water...". I was so dumbfounded that Roni was able to save the day by asking if they had Dr. Pepper. If I had been less surprised by the utmost seriousness of the answer (or less exhausted by the roller coaster day that had started 12 hours earlier for me), I'm certain I would have made a comment that would have gotten me arrested.

(Weird announcement from Walter, the flaming queen, at the beginning of beverage service: "I'm sorry, but we just flew down from Canada, and they wiped out all of our liquor!". Well, duh... flying to Oakland from Canada in THAT plane? Halfway I would be ordering the truly awful plane bound scotch myself.)

The rest of the trip was uneventful -- me and Roni caught a few "Robot Chicken" episodes on the Season 1 DVD on my iBook. She wants it known she has NOT drunk the Kool-Aid, and that any giggles, smiles, guffaws (etc.) were entirely accidental.

It was actually CHILLY in Arizona when we landed. I can honestly say this is the first time I remember being cold here. Word is it's hitting 100+ degrees F on Monday. Since we're returning home tomorrow, I'm not too worried.

Lilly was completely unconscious Thursday night, which disappointed Roni (she'll get to spend time with her tomorrow), but wasn't unexpected as it was almost 9 PM when we got to dcatt's apartment. Roni's friend Leslie picked her up by 10, so Catt and I got to spend some quality time while Lilly slept.

What was unexpected was that Lilly slept through the night. However, her internal alarm clock had her up and at it by 6:30 AM. While we were both still in bed, Lilly forgot she wasn't able to stand yet and stood in bed for a good thirty seconds. Then she remembered that she was supposed to be holding ON to something to be upright, and promptly sat down hard.

I wanted to do something special for Catt (call it an early Mom's day present), so I basically got to play dad alone with Lilly for 4 hours while she went out with a friend and had a manicure and lunch. People expecting me to be playing the part of "Mr. Mom" would have been sorely disappointed. To be fair, Lilly is very bright and communicative for a 10 month old -- she smacked her lips at me when she was hungry, went and got the baby-wipes when she needed to be changed, and (much to my amusement) brought the TV remote not five minutes before her favorite TV show (something on Disney called "Heroes of Higglytown" which seems to be this strange computer animated show about a town of living kachinko dolls) was due to start. I suspect that she's inherited my internal clock to get it THAT close.

The only semi-tragedy ocurred when, while grabbing a toy from her toy box, she slipped and banged her head against some furniture. The bawling only lasted a couple of minutes, but once I was sure she hadn't cracked skull, skin, or even bruised, I figured it was time for her second daily nap. Sure enough, after I made her a bottle and put her down (still sniffling and complaining a bit) she was asleep.

Then my damn phone rang. It was Roni telling me she had found the address of the local Carvel.

Soon after, she was asleep again... and the phone rang AGAIN. This time it was some 510 number that I didn't recognize, and no amount of curiosity would get me to answer while being raped by Verizon for "roaming".*

I shoved the phone into my bag, and Lilly was just asleep enough for me to move to her crib, when CATT'S phone rang. At that point it was a sitcom, and it was hard not to laugh while Lilly muttered and complained about the noise.

She was up shortly after Catt got back, and surprised us both by taking her first steps. I almost missed it as I wa talking to Catt, when I caught her from the corner of my eye taking three steps across from her couch to the love seat to see her Mom. She did it a couple of time more, but then seemed too tired -- so it was a shocker when later, doing video iChat with my Mom (she was hoping she would take the steps when she got here, but since I'm the father, I think I deserved first dibs. :P), she not only stood for grandma, she walked a few more steps. I thought my mom would burst into tears.

Last night was pretty rough -- apparently (as we eventually figured out) Lilly was having teething issues (she ALMOST has all the baby teeth) which were triggering earaches every time she laid down. What eventually let us suss that was that she would wail when lying flat, but literally fell asleep sitting up when we brought her upright.

Which is why at this moment Catt is taking a nap WITH Lilly, and I was able to sit down and write this week's worth of entries in a single post. If she's still sleeping after I post this I'm going to try and tweak her TV settings a bit (it's an older machine and, until I tweaked it, the colors were bleeding horribly) and program one her remotes for her DVD player.

Which leaves me with one last ting. Michele actually complained that I hadn't posted a picture of Lilly in ages, which echoes similar complaints I've heard in other quarters -- so, before I have to post and run, here are a couple of shots barely an hour old...

* I'm switching when the current contract runs out. I keep the number, and I can get a phone with FULL bluetooth capability, AND I'll make sure I get, in writing, that I will NOT be charged roaming anywhere in the continental US, damnit.
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