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Is Too Much -- I Can't Even Sum Up

I admit it... I hit LJ burnout, after a fashion. Today I finally snapped out of this odd state of mind, and attempted to catch up on my friends list... and discovered for the first time that the list maxes out at 420 (Which is too obvious a number NOT to be deliberate!).

In the time since my formal LJ hiatus began, people have lost cats (as in died, posting stories that made me cry and think of Bijou, and cry some more), moved, suffered through both planned and unplanned major household renovations, lost friends (I knew Leigh Anne Hussey casually -- she was someone that was such a major presence in the Bay Area pagan community and beyond that you would have to WORK at not meeting her at least once!), got fired, hired, vindicated...

In short, even for LJ it was a hell of a couple of weeks.

And I haven't even MENTIONED my life yet.

I shall. Everyone should know by now I go through these phases where I have to back off, or be completely overwhelmed. When I finally start to discuss stuff, you'll have a better idea why I needed the time away (though with the fat_sex community, I've still managed to keep in some sort of contact).

I want to thank a lot of people for their support -- it may sound weird, but sometimes getting moral support during the GOOD times is as valuable as the bad. Perhaps more so: Too many people think that positive stress is a stupid thing to deal with.

Hugs to everyone!
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